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April 25, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Japan-America Baseball Showdown!

Some American soldiers played baseball with us. They were some big guys, but they threw the ball gently for us. World Baseball Classic? 🙂


4/18 (Monday)

We had some activities this morning at Hebita Elementary and Ishinomaki High.

There were three kids at Hebita, and we made origami together, played doctor, and more.



There were 10 kids at Ishinomaki High. There were more kids today than usual, which I think gave them more energy. We played “demon tag”, “freeze tag”, and hide-and-seek together.

“Demon tag” is a traditional tag game in Japan, in which one person plays the role of a demon (“oni”) who chases the other children around. This time around, the “oni” chased us around while wearing a pig mask. This not only made the “oni” easy to spot, it was also hilarious being chased around by a pig, so everyone got an extra dose of laughter along with their run.

Nobody ever seemed to freeze during the game of freeze tag, and it was quite a job for the person doing the chasing. The kids were quite cunning during the game of hide-and-seek, looking for blind spots and camouflaging themselves.

When the kids play outside like this, it cheers us adults up as well. Even though I sometimes worry about how I should talk to them, I’m really inspired by the children’s strength.

In the afternoon, we had activities at Hebita Junior High, Mangokuura Junior High, and Oshio Community Center. There were 6 kids at Hebita Junior High. We folded origami, and then played demon tag.



At Mangokuura Junior High, we did treasure-hunting, and then played cops-and-robbers. There were 10 kids in all.

It was a really warm day today, so at the Oshio Community Center we went outside to play some ball. The girls were not to be taken lightly!


Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 4/18/2011.

Translated by Chris Davis on 4/24/2011.


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