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April 25, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Rainbow Crayons Today, as Usual

We did art therapy today, and children expressed “joyful” feelings on their drawing paper.


At Hebita Junior High School, there were two children playing house. We played tag and Darumasan-ga-koronda outside. (Wikipedia says: “Darumasan-ga-koronda is a Japanese game for at least three players. The name of the game literally means ‘The Daruma doll fell down.’ It bears a resemblance to the English and American children’s game “Red light, Green Light”, and even more so to the American game ‘Ghost in the Graveyard’.” )

We went for a walk, and found dandelions. Spring is coming even in Ishinomaki, like nothing had happened.

We played frisbee outside in the sun!


Onchan-Shisho played with kids today after a long time. It was fun, but he got tired pretty quickly!  By the way, Onchan-Shisho is Shigeki’s nickname and literally means “middle-aged master”. 🙂

Volunteer Nasuno said “It was unusually active and acrobatic today. I was amazed by the children’s inexhaustible power. We adults got a bit exhausted though, I think…” (Hey, keep at it teachers!)

It was another Rainbow Crayons with a lot of smiles.

Witten by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 4/15/2011.

Translated by Mika Riedel and Sebastian Riedel on 4/20/2011.


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