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April 29, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Outdoor Picture Show!

Today’s “Rainbow Crayons” went really well. We were wondering what to do at Ishinomaki High, and since there has always been very few people, we all played UNO together. Everyone’s personalities shows when you play a card game, and trying to read your opponents mind is really fun. It reminded me of nights during school field trips.

Next at Kadowaki Junior High School we met up with a special guest. The team led by Edy who came running to help from Maui performed an outdoor picture show and played badminton with the kids.

The theme of the show was “Anpanman”. He’s a really popular character so the children’s eyes were glued on them. We were jealous of their popularity!

In the afternoon we went to Watanoha Elementary School and Mangokuura Junior High School and did activities with Edy’s team.


Even the children at Watanoha were really excited by the cool guy’s live music performance.


They gathered a thousand cranes at Mangokuura Junior high.


And here, a volunteer from Tottori joined in on the spur of the moment and gave a harmonica performance. It was a happy accident. And at this point, the day’s “Rainbow Crayons” ended successfully.

Also, on April 9th (Saturday) from 6pm to 6:54, on BSJapan TV’s “Yoikuni News” they will be introducing the Children’s Refuge Center. If you have the time, please watch it.


Witten by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 4/7/2011.

Translated by Sam Haymann on 4/25/2011.


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