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April 30, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Oink? Oink, Oink!

I got a gift of thanks from a girl in a refuge. I was so glad!


– Ishinomaki High School –

Six kids participated in our activity. Today, we played “freeze tag” and “pig tag.” The pig tag game was created by Sasaki-san. The kids run away from the pig, saying, “I don’t want to turn into a pig!” and if they are caught, join the growing numbers of the pigs.  In the freeze tag, it was awfully difficult to catch all the kids. Their feet were so quick, it’s great to be young!

It seemed the kids’ fatigue was accumulating, because they played outside a lot and also they weren’t able to get enough rest. We should be careful about their condition.

Yamamoto-san of the volunteer staff said, “today, we all will get to be pigs. As everyone talked to each other oink, oink, we will understand the pigs’ speech.”

– Mangokuura Juonior High School –

Here also, six kids participated in our activity. We played soccer in earnest regardless of age.

In soccer, we were running and running, kicking and falling down, and sometimes it swinging and missing. The missing was mostly me, actually.  I couldn’t match their energy.

Chiba-san of the volunteer staff said, “I have groped for what is the best way for the kids every day. I always think what I can do for them and depending on the situation, I prioritize whether I pay attention to all the kids or I meet face to face with one kid.”

Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 4/17/2011.

Translated by Kayako Mukainakano & Eric Draper on 4/28/2011.

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