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May 8, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Another Fun Day of Rainbow Crayons

Today’s report is a bit different from usual… I’d like to let some of the other volunteers share their views on the activities we do. –Shibata

Starting today, we (Aichan and Piroko) will be contributing to this blog! Nice to meet you!

*Aichan is a man (an energetic 17-year-old high school student)

*Piroko is a woman (a not-as-much-as-Aichan-but-still-pretty-energetic 20-year-old)

Now to report on today’s activities!

Saturday, April 30th

I left this morning for Ishinomaki High School. Today’s volunteers included our wonderful Onchan-Shisho (hooray!), Piroko, Aichan, Macchan, Yocchan, and Eripon! 10 children played with us today. (Onchan-Shisho is Shigeki’s nickname, and literally means “middle-aged master”.)

First up was everyone’s beloved jump rope!


Jumping rope while giving a piggyback ride! Though, rather than jumping it was more like trying not to get whacked by the rope.

After that we played a game of tag! Both the kids and adults had a lot of fun running around. A couple of times people crashed into each other(!?), but it was fun anyway. By the end everyone was dripping with sweat.

In the afternoon we moved to the Akebono Assembly Building. The volunteers changed shifts, so now we have Onchan-Shisho, Piroko, Aichan, Ryoko, and Macchan! 12 kids came to play with us.

We started by having them draw pictures on koinobori. (According to wikipedia, “Koinobori, meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku, a traditional calendrical event which is now designated a national holiday; Children’s Day.)


Each child decorated their koinobori with anything from violets to stars, showing off their personal style. 🙂

Next was the long-awaited rolling dodgeball! This is a variety of dodgeball that uses a larger ball, but it can only be rolled (not thrown).


Everyone was having so much fun that it started turning into something more like normal dodgeball, though. But that’s okay too!

With the time we had left, we had the kids do whatever they wanted: making bead jewelry, drawing, playing with clay, rock-paper-scissors, etc.


Ayaka-chan gave a bead bracelet as a present to an overjoyed Aichan.

That’s all for today’s report.

Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 4/30/2011.

Translated by Daniel Sunstrum on 5/7/2011.


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