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July 10, 2011 / Mika Riedel

I’m touched!

We had a meeting with the volunteer staff in the morning today.


We went to Ishinomaki Senshu University after the meeting to recruit more volunteers.


This is Shigeki who explains about our activities to the students in the university.

In the afternoon, we had our program “Rainbow Crayons” as usual.  We visited Hebita Elementary School, Kadonowaki Junior High School, and Oshio Community Center.

– By Ai-chan who visited Hebita Elementary School

There were 17 boys in the recreation room we usually use on the second floor.  The girls said, “The boys took over the room!”

I asked Ryoko-sensei to take care of the girls and had the boys line up and exchange greetings before starting our activity. Then we started playing dodgeball!

It was “the third grade students and Akki alliance” vs. “the fourth grade students”.

When we were done with dividing children into two teams and things finally started to get rolling, one of the children, Manase, said “Let’s play Kurayami-dodge (dodgeball in the dark)!”.  I asked the children to decide it by majority vote.

“Which one do you want to play, the normal dodgeball game or dodgeball in the dark?”

Every child immediately answered, “Dodgeball in the dark!”

I didn’t know what “Dodgeball in the dark” was.  It was simply dodgeball played in a dark room.  The kids really got fired up!  No one cared about the age differences.  Everybody got so serious about it!

The girls were into making art works out of beads while the boys were playing the dodgeball game.

Since the children were getting tired after playing the dodgeball game twice, I asked them if they wanted to play tag outside, then they immediately agreed and said, “I’ll go out!”, “I’ll do it!”, “Hooray!”, “Alright!”, “I’m really good at tag!” Everyone was up for it, and went outside!

I feel my hand get warm while I’m going up the stairs to go to the playground.  I found Manase holding my hand when I looked to my left side.  I asked him, “What’s up?” and he said, “Nothing.” with a shy smile, and he went away.  I was touched.  He was so lovely.

We played tag and ring toss, and finished our program today.

– By Chika-Sensei who visited Oshio Community Center

This is a report about our program which took place at the Oshio Community Center.

We played card games and did Origami in the evacuation center.  I asked the children to play outside, but they didn’t want to, because it was cloudy.  I understood children sometimes don’t want to play outside vigorously.

Some of the children started to talk about their family quietly.  There was an unusual sentimental atmosphere in the Oshio Community Center today.

Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 5/11/2011.

Translated by Paul Haugerud & Mika Riedel on 7/10/2011.


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