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August 4, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Giving Thanks

Today, we held the Rainbow Crayon program at Oshio Community Center and Hebita Elementary!

Oshio Community Center (Piroko reporting)

Hello hello! This is Pi-chan! Today, I was with Ryoko sensei!

The elementary school children came by on their way back home. As expected, the girls were immediately drawn to the colorful playdough. Starting with the usual creation of poo, they made yomogi dango, and poisonous mushrooms. 🙂 Such strange choices… Oshio girls are so strange. 😉 They also created some really cute things, too. They made miniature cakes and hotdogs that I’m sure can be sold! They’re so creative.


Today, there were seven of us altogether. It was a fun afternoon at the Oshio Community Center.

Hebita Elementary (Aichan reporting)

Today, we played with twenty students from Hebita Elementary!

First, we gathered in the 2nd floor multipurpose room. After introducing ourselves, we immediately went outside! We assembled in the front courtyard and split into cops and robbers! The jungle gym was used as a jail, and soon it was overflowing with captured robbers. When we had almost eliminated all the robbers, we realized that the captured robbers had escaped from jail and started a new game of tag amongst themselves. 🙂

We were about to start a game of ice-tag, but Nacchan, one of the volunteers brought bubbles and erasable crayons, so we blew bubbles and played dodgeball instead!

We said our goodbyes and concluded Rainbow Crayons for the day.

Since the multipurpose room we used would not be available to us again on Friday, we tidied up the room after the children left. To show our gratitude for the room and to the kind staff of Hebita Elementary for allowing us to use the room for Rainbow Crayon, we cleaned the room until it shone. We are able to be active in this community because of this place, and also because we are allowed to use this space thanks to the understanding staff. In addition, we are able to have Rainbow Crayons thanks to the children who come by every day.

We realize and are grateful to be supported by so many people! With that in mind, we hope to bring smiles to the children we interact with and continue to do our best.


Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 5/18/2011.

Translated by Kayoko Hirata and Samuel Haymann.


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