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September 1, 2011 / Mika Riedel

It’s Peaceful.

Tuesday July 5th, 2011.


~Ishinomaki High School (Aichan’s report)~

Today I visited Ishinomaki High School.


Upon arrival, I immediately challenged Hobachan to a game of Duel Masters. 🙂 As usual I was utterly defeated. One of these days I hope to beat him…

After that I played catch outside with Leo and Asukachan. Both of them can throw really well!

Then, Leo, Asuka, Shochan, Okachan and I played tag. After 3 rounds of tag and a game of ‘Red light, green light’ we called it quits.


This is Okichan, who volunteered for us. Thank you very much!


Ishinomaki has a long way to go to recover.


It’s almost been 4 months since the earthquake.

Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 7/5/2011.

Translated by Paul Haugerud, Takako Kawamukai and Daniel Sunstrum.

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