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September 21, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Lots of fun!

Tuesday August 2nd, 2011.

Today, we worked with a group of 19 students from Nagoya College.

—Provisional Housing in Northern Hebita Park #2 (Yukichan’s Report)—

From about 12:45 PM to 6:40 PM, there were three of us working. We did a bunch of different activities with the kids, like jump rope, origami, cat’s cradle, card games, and making boomerangs.

At first, both the kids and we were nervous, so things were kind of awkward. But the more we played the closer we got, and soon the kids were getting involved and saying stuff like, “Let’s play soccer!”

The children’s mothers were also very good-natured and would call out words of encouragement to their children. That made our jobs a lot easier and we had a lot of fun playing with them. I hope I can form a deeper relationship with the children in the two days we have left.

Finally, we visited each of the families that were staying in the provisional housing and gave them each a fan that was handmade by the students of Nagoya College. I hope they get some use out of them.

—Kadonowaki Middle School (Shinako’s Report)—

I visited Kadonowaki Middle School. Today, everyone was pumped up about long rope jumping. The other volunteers all got together to help and the kids were having a lot of fun!

When we were able to use the schoolyard, everyone started hanging on the horizontal bars. Even the little kids and elementary schoolers were up there with the rest of them and gave it their all. I hope we can play a lot tomorrow, too!

—Provisional Housing in the Minamizakai District (Makko’s Report)—

We played with the kids from the provisional housing in Minamizakai from about 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

First we played tag with Onchan-shisho and Aichan from Rainbow Crayons. At that time, I really felt how much the kids loved these two guys who took the time to play with them. Thanks to them and the bright, energetic kids who actively tried to get me involved, I really felt like I was able to open up to them. I look forward to being able to play with them again from tomorrow on.

—Hebita Elementary—

I visited Hebita Elementary. Today we spent most of our time on vigorous activities like soccer, tag, catch, and playing in the sandbox. The kids were full of energy and even though we had originally wanted to put smiles on their faces by playing with them, it turned out that our concerns were unnecessary and we ended up getting cheered up by them.

I hope I can have a lot of fun playing with the kids again tomorrow!

—Hebita Middle School—

Three of us students took a trip to Hebita Middle School. We did activities for about an hour.

Since it was time for them to eat lunch we didn’t get to play with any of the main kids, but we did distribute the fans made by the Nagoya College students! Each of them had a different design, so the children had a lot of fun figuring out which ones to choose. I hope they will put them to good use.

I also helped set the table and learned to appreciate the value of warm food again. I hope everyone can return to their normal lives soon.

—Hirobuchi Elementary—

Three of us students visited Hirobuchi Elementary.

We passed the time with two elementary schoolers who used to live in provisional housing. We did a lot of activities where you had to move your body a lot, like cops and robbers, jump rope, soccer, kendama, and card games. I wonder if the kids had fun. I’ll try my best again tomorrow!

Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 8/2/2011.

Translated by Daniel Sunstrum and Kayoko Hirata.


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