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October 3, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Our Kid’s Summer Festival!

Saturday August 13th, 2011.

Today at last is our kid’s summer festival!


ーIshinomaki High (Makotsu’s report)ー

The weather is beautiful! Today I visited Ishinomaki High. We were joined by Renchan’s pet, Batkun. As noon drew near everyone began gathering, spraying water around and attempting to become cameramen. It would be great if he became a cameraman in the future thanks to this experience.


ーProvisional Housing in Northern Hebita Park #2 (Koma’chan’s report)ー

Today is finally our kid’s summer festival! It’s an all out war with Achan’s mom, Sa’chan’s mom, Achan, Kchan, and Koma’chan. They have been cutting and frying up vegetables since morning, preparing them for the yakisoba.


Thanks to Achan and Kchan for decorating under the hot sun!

Come noon, Makotsu and Myonchan together start cooking frankfurters, roast corn on the cob and Ishinomaki yakisoba on the gas barbeque.



Aikochan, Yumakun, Takumikun and Yukikun arrive to offer support and help prepare the ring toss, bowling and superball capture. Besides the kids from provisional housing, their friends and kids from the nearby apartments also begin to trickle in. At 4pm the kid’s summer festival begins! The kids are having fun playing and the parents are socializing and drinking beer.


Chocolate bananas are a roaring success and the Ishinomaki soba, frankfurters and roasted corn were a complete sellout.

Part one of the main event is the watermelon smash! Both kids and adults were all yelling encouragement, “A little to the right!”, “closer, closer, closer!”. Even a glancing blow to the watermelon with the bat had everyone cheering!  There was a lot of excitement.


With over 50 people, including 20 kids, gathered together, the space in front of the provisional housing conference room was quite lively. Cleanup was over in no time as the mothers took the lead and everyone pitched in.

After the sun fully set it was time for part two of the main event, fireworks!


The kids are ecstatic to see a tub piled high with fireworks. An inexhaustible supply even kept the parents entertained.

At the very end a fountain piece was lit for the grand finale. I was very happy to hear parents and kids alike say they had a great time. One of the mothers commented “it was as if life had returned to normal”, that made a lasting impression. However small it might be, hopefully today will leave people with a nice memory of summer.

It was everyone’s efforts that made our kids summer festival happen. Thank you very much 🙂

Written by Kodomo Hinanjo Club on 8/13/2011.

Translated by Paul Haugerud and Takako Kawamukai.


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