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October 20, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Fall Feast!

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Today we visited the provisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park in Sendai.  We also held our Fall Feast at the provisional housing in Northern Hebita Park #2.


ーOnchan-Shisho’s reportー

(Onchan-Shisho is Shigeki’s nickname and literally means “middle-aged master”.)

We went to the provisional housing in Takasago Ichome Park in Sendai today.


Our volunteers were Takakisan, Nobusan, Yukikun, Narumin, Myonchan and myself.  We played ball outside and inside was picture painting.


ーThe provisional housing at Northern Hebita Park #2 (Sayabo’s report)ー

Our Fall Feast at the provisional housing in Northern Hebita Park #2 begins!  The neighborhood moms and dads made food for us and everyone a great time.

Here is Haruchan with her mouth full of takoyaki and looking very satisfied.


Ayakachan was kind enough to draw up the reception desk sign for us.


Girls and boys, young and old, we all gathered together under one sky and ate pork soup and mackerel.  Sure many things could have been done better, arrangements weren’t perfect and items were overlooked, but the local neighbors and us volunteers all enjoyed ourselves.

ーThe provisional housing in Northen Hebita Park #2 (Shinako’s report)ー

Today was our Fall Feast!


Mackerel, pork soup, potato stew, inarizushi, takoyaki…  The mothers also brought rice balls, squash, chestnut rice, handmade candy…  There was a lot of food!

Our two receptionists were at the reception desk handing out drinks to everyone.


Everyone from children to the elderly gathered together and had fun conversing.


Onchan-Shisho kept repeating “delicious, delicious”, the whole time he was eating.  It would be fantastic if there were even more places where everyone could gather together and socialize.

Written by Nijiiro-Crayon on 10/9/2011.

Translated by Paul Haugerud, Takako Kawamukai and Daniel Sunstrum .


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