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November 2, 2011 / Mika Riedel

Stone Age Boys

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Today we visited the provisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park, Asahi Kasei Power Devices company properties, and in the residential district of Koyocho.


ーProvisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park (Takakisan’s report)ー

Today’s Volunteers were Nobusan, Yukikun, Sanchan, Maruchan, Aichan, Onchan-Shisho and myself.  The heavy rain this morning turned into fabulous sunshine and clear autumn skies with distinctive cirrocumulus clouds.  Outside the children blew soap bubbles and played ball.  Inside they passed the time drawing and doing various other things.

I realized I want to continue to spend time with the children like this, laughing, crying, jumping, and rolling about…

ーAichan’s reportー

After our activities finished at Takasago Ichome Park, Onchan-Shisho and I went to pass out picture books to children who had moved from the refugee center into provisional housing.

During our trip, we stopped by the activities at the provisional housing on Asahi Kasei Power Devices company properties.  There we met some of the kids who had taken refuge at Kadonowaki Middle School and played tag with them for 20 minutes or so.  Everyone remembered us and it was nice to see some of the children we had become really close to.

After that we headed to the provisional housing in the residential district of Koyocho.

When we arrived, we spotted some children on the gravel road near the parking lot banging rocks together!


It seems they had been banging them together for the last 20 minutes before we arrived.  That’s some serious dedication.  You could hear the ‘tap-tap-tap’ of the rocks hitting, echoing throughout the provisional housing complex.  Along with the rocks striking, you could also hear the sound of Ginchan burping.

Written by Nijiiro-Crayon on 10/13/2011.

Translated by Paul Haugerud and Takako Kawamukai.


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