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January 13, 2012 / Mika Riedel

Playing Ninja

December 8th, 2011

Today we held our activities at the provisional housing in Northern Hebita Park #2 and Shinsakai Yachi South Park.

ーProvisional housing at Shinsakai Yachi South Park (Machan’s report)ー

I visited the provisional housing at Shinsakai Yachi South Park today.

This provisional housing complex is a small one and consists of just 7 households. That morning they had started renovations to improve insulation from the cold and when I arrived they were already finishing up.

“And we won’t have to get soaking wet either”, the residents in the complex were very happy that the repairs included rain proofing.

There is no meeting room here so we have to hold our activities out in the cold.

Once the sun goes down it becomes difficult to make out the colors in our game of ‘color’ tag, or anything else for that matter. Instead we end up running around the grounds to keep warm.

While we were playing, Erikochan was kind enough to bring us tea and chocolate. They were delicious and their warmth and sweetness spread to every corner of our bodies.

Today’s volunteer was Natsumichan.

It is only going to get colder… If nothing else, I’ll be happy if all of the kids, mothers, volunteers, and everyone else remain healthy and can join us every time.

ーAichan’s reportー

I visited the provisional housing at Northern Hebita Park #2 today.

First, I played outside with Kochan and Haruchan. I played tag with Kochan and hopscotch with Haruchan! Then Haruchan and I entered the meeting room and began folding origami while Kochan stayed outside to search for marbles.

Later, Kochan came inside and began pretending to be a ninja, carrying around origami shuriken. Occasionally Haruchan would join in and we would battle 2 on 1.

It started with them stealing pinball marbles from each other but in the end their friendship won out.

 Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 12/8/2011.

Translated by Paul Haugerud.

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