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April 28, 2012 / Mika Riedel

Police officers and clothes out of vinyl

March 22nd, 2012

Today we held our activity at the provisional housing at Northern Hebita Park #2.

– Macchan’s report –

Kochan and we coincidentially arrived at the same time! He’s got full of energy after a power nap.

After pretending to battle for a while, two police officers from the Miyagi prefectural police department played with us in the assembly room.

Kochan was a little bit shy in the beginning, but as the time went by, he became comfortable with them, and eventually enjoyed pretend fighting with those police officers very actively.

During this time, other children also arrived one by one and joined us.

Every child has grown up a little bit during my absence but as usual, they were quite cute and that made me smile. The police officers let the children sit in the police car, and then the children waved their hands and said good bye to them when they left.

The girls enjoyed making clothes out of vinyl with their mothers, and the boys played tag outside. Time flew so fast today as always.

All the children energetically ran home afterwards with their new vinyl clothing, fluttering against the wind.

Today’s volunteers were Nacchan, Toshi-kun, and Macchan.

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 3/22/2012.

Translated by Mika Riedel and Kayoko Hirata.


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