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July 27, 2012 / Mika Riedel

Bring It On!

June 12th, 2012

– Boochan’s Report –

Today we had our activity at the provisional housing at Hibiki Industrial Park.

We were greeted by fourth grader A-chan and her brother S-kun who were sitting in the cold eating shaved ice, “We’ve been waiting!”

Here is first time volunteer Moffee immediately getting along with the kids and working on mosaic art.

S-chan just quit her after school activities, here she is with A-chan who greeted us earlier.  The two of them are diligently working on bead crafts.

After playing inside the assembly hall for a while the announcement was made, “everyone who wants to make soap bubbles, let’s go outside!”

They made lots of soap bubbles using the large bubble making set brought by the volunteers last week. First grader K-kun and four year old Hibiki-kun were using sticks to pop the bubbles.

Seeing the two of them swinging their sticks around gave me an idea. I quietly put on the Kendo armor I had piled in my car and announced, “Go ahead and attack from any direction!”

One after another the kids moved in on me with newspaper swords made for them by Onchan-Shisho. Everyone had such good technique I’m going encourage them all to join Kendo.

Another day of happy faces at Hibiki Industrial Park.  I even got to see S-kun who has been spending more time at after school club activities lately.

People taking part today were first timer Moffee, Onchan-Shisho, and myself.

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 6/12/2012.

Translated by Paul Haugerud.


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