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April 4, 2013 / Mika Riedel

Christmas At The Akebono Assembly Room

December 22nd, 2012

Hide-san’s report

Today we went to the Akebono Assembly Room for our activity.  We were following a painting class so the kids were already there and ready to go.

R-chan instigated a game of musical chairs while Professor Isop, Kohei (baseball club), and Shohei (also baseball) from Tohoku University were introducing themselves.  In no time a full on war was being waged over the seat cushions.

Being Christmas week, everyone was singing Christmas songs as they circled the seat cushions.  Only a few children had arrived, so we were still heavy on college students and adults.  (Although Kiyo-kun is in high school)


S-kun and K-chan were vigilantly targeting open cushions and before long it was a serious battle.

When the music stops everyone flies towards the cushions.  R-chan’s sense of timing is uncanny but K-chan’s speed is overwhelming.  In the final heat, it’s brother and sister S-kun and K-chan battling it out.  The Nijiiro staff didn’t stand a chance.

And the winner is…  K-chan!

Following that we had a treasure hunt for lollipops.  It was a competition between staff and children, who’s numbers were slowly increasing.  R-chan and A-chan hid the lollipops and the staff went looking for them.  When you’re searching for something it’s all about concentration.


We were looking for 5 lollipops.  It was easy finding the first 2 or 3 but the remainder were much more difficult.  There were a lot of places to hide them, above the air conditioner, beneath the seat cushions, inside drawers, etc.  Just how in the heck did they managed to get one on top of the air conditioner?  🙂

When all of the usual children had shown up it was our turn to throw a treasure hunt challenge at them!  We’ve done this before, pieces of paper are hidden and each one has a mission written on it.  But this time was different, today when the children cleared their missions they received their Christmas present.  Of course they still got their present even if they couldn’t finish their mission.

The children had to accomplish things like beating a staff member 3 times in Rock-scissors-paper, drawing portraits, or laughing really loud.  There was also challenges like getting two staff members to shake hands.

It wasn’t just about finding things, communication was involved.  We also had a lot of challenges involving newcomers Kohei and Shohei.

After the treasure hunt the children had fun wrestling on the stairs, playing tag and leapfrog, playing Othello, and making Christmas cards and bead accessories.  Plus, Koto-chan received a Christmas card from H-chan.  Everyone had lots of fun and was full of smiles at today’s Nijiiro Crayons.

At the end of the day Ym-chan, Yk-chan, little N-chan, and their mother gave Nijiiro a really nice Christmas card.  That was our best Christmas present.


Today’s volunteers were Isop, Kohei and Shohei from Tohoku University, Kiyo-kun, Hide, Kame-chan, Koto-chan, Honamin, Sachi, Leo-kun, Pon-chan, and Onchan-Shisho.

 Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 12/22/2012.

Translated by Paul Haugerud.



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