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October 21, 2013 / Mika Riedel

The Provisional Housing in Northern Hebita Park 2

– Nao’s Report –

Today, two of our Nijiiro Crayon staff held our activities!

The children seemed to be a little sad when they found out it was not Onchan-Shisho (Shigeki) and Bu-chan, who they see all the time in activities. But, Natsukichi, the much anticipated newcomer to Nijiiro Crayon, tried as hard as she could to cover for them! She lively ran around with the kids and laughed a lot!

Since it was nice weather today, we went out and played tag, practiced relay and tug of war for the upcoming field day, and ran around a lot. We all tried rope skipping simultaneously just as if it was a rope skipping tournament.

The new ropes which count how many times you jump were quite popular among the kids!

Inside, other children excitedly played with clay, Lego, and cushions. Some of the kids playing outside got a little bit tired and came in to take a rest. Haru-kun created a great work of sculpture with paper clay!

They are dinosaurs!

I was glad to see some of the parents and residents join our activity today. They might have worried a little because there were just two of us taking care of the children today.

I think those parents and residents don’t want us to do anything special but are happy we watch over the children as they enjoy playing. I was very delighted to be reminded of that several times today.

It would be wonderful if all the adults in the region protect and raise the children together. We would like to continue taking care of the children with the help of the residents in this region.

Thank you for everything today as well. I really appreciate it.

Today’s staff members were Natsukichi and Nao.

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 5/9/2013.

Translated by Mika Riedel and Paul Haugerud.


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