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December 9, 2013 / Mika Riedel

Everyone Gets Together!

Today we had our activities in the provisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park. As soon as we arrived at the playground, the cheerful children told us “You’re three minutes late!” I was very glad to hear them saying, “I finished my homework in order to come to Nijiiro Crayon’s activities.” and “I’ve been waiting for you all a long time outside.”

It was a perfect day for playing with water guns and water balloons, so the children all got together around the water tap when our activities started!

The children and adults all got wet from the water balloons and water guns! With the glorious sunshine, our clothes all dried out by the time we went home. We appreciated it. 🙂

People in the provisional housing had a BBQ today in the open space. It was very lively and they were chatting a lot and enjoyed it. They invited us to the BBQ where we had delicious meat and more.

We had nice and friendly conversations with the parents of the children and other people who we usually don’t have much opportunity to talk with. It was a very luxurious time. We appreciate it that so many people care about our activities and the children. It feels like not only the children but the adults too, became closer through the BBQ. 😀

The photo on the top was taken by me after getting away from the water attack, and it shows two children drawing faces on the water balloons. They helped us clean up at the end of our activities. Thank you!

Playing catch with water balloons was exciting!

Today’s staff members were Hide-san, Yuki-san, Azu-san, Etan, and Narumin. We had more children and staff members than usual, and it was very lively! It’s going to be fun playing with water this season!


See you all again, next week!

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 2013/7/21.

Translated by Mika Riedel and Paul Haugerud.


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