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February 11, 2014 / Mika Riedel

Report from the provisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park

Today we held activities at the provisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park.


Happy New Year, everyone! Did you all enjoy your New Year’s holidays? 🙂

We began activities in Takasago from today as well! The children all seem to have had wonderful holidays and they told us cheerfully what they had done, like spending time at Grandma’s house.

In particular, Seishin-kun is doing really well in batting in baseball this year. He showed us his remote controlled car, which he couldn’t show us at the end of last year because the battery had died.  Mr. Hide was also really interested in the toy.


Today we also had a BBQ party, which takes place every 2 months at the provisional park.

We had a lot of fun at the party with volunteers from Fukuzumi-cho and other people living nearby. The food for the BBQ was delivered by our friends in Hiroshima, who have really supported us.

This party was a great opportunity to talk more with people who we knew a little but who we hadn’t had enough time to chat with before.  Thank you very much for such delicious food!

Aoi-chan started to make a birthday card as soon as she arrived. She told us, “It’s my Mum’s birthday!”


Although she sometimes went to eat crabs, which are her favourite, and to warm herself up with the heat of the BBQ, in the end she created very cute card. 🙂

The first activity of this year ended peacefully and happily, with everyone in good spirits.

We are going to change the organisation of the activities a bit this year, but we will continue to hold fun activities, and care for the children’s safety and growth, as we have been doing so far. We all hope we can do some even more fun activities together this year.

Today’s staff members were Mr.Hide, Yuuki, Sayapo and Narumin.

Thank you very much.


Freezingggg-Ghost: the cute ghost, who takes coats from the adults to keep warm. Be careful! 🙂


Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 1/12/2014.

Translated by Mao Ohtake and Matthew Jellicoe.



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