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March 22, 2014 / Mika Riedel

The provisional housing on “ Asahi Kasei Power Devices Corp” properties

Hoka’s report

Today is the monthly activity at the Asahi Kasei Power Devices Corp properties.

Last month, in December, we  were doing our activities while it was snowing.

Today, we enjoyed the fine warm weather..

Outside, both children and staff played games like relay, tag, rope-jumping , “Don! jyan ken pon!”(Bump! rock, paper, scissors!) and “like-a-helicopter-”, the paper toy!


In the room everybody made his arrangements for having a relaxed coffee break…There was only white clay. We colored it with colorful pens and… Look! A wonderful-looking parfait is coming right up♪



This is our sewing group which consists of mothers that come from around the region. . 

Y-chan, who is a member of the sewing club, was stitching and stitching, putting and putting ribbon-hair accessories and frog mascots. Her work gave adults such a big surprise. It’s amazingly beautiful.


Now, this is the Karuta group (a traditional Japanese game with cards). Everybody seemed to heating up! Let’s focus our attention on cards!

After today’s activities, we handed out the flyers of “Nijiiro Crayon” around the area.


Even if the snow was falling and the weather was getting  colder and colder, we all enjoyed our day, and we were laughing until the end.

Today our staff members are: Natsukichi, Sayabou, Hide-san, Rei-chan and Hoka!

Thank you very much for today one more time! Kids! We’ll be back here in February again. Take care!

How to play “Don! jyan ken pon!”(Bump! rock, paper, scissors!).

1, Draw a line (about 20 meters long) on the ground.

2, Divide people into two groups and tell them to stand each one in opposite sides of the drawn line.

3, First, the leader of each group go above the line.

4, When they bump into, they say “Don!”, touching their hands and the afterwards they say “jyan, ken, pon! (Bump! rock, paper, scissors!)”

5, The winner can go ahead. The loser has to go back and bring up the rear of his group. The next person of the loser’s group leaves soon and says “Don! jyan ken pon!” again.

Keep repeating that. The first group that get to the other’s territory  is the winner.

 Translated by Takako Kawamukai and Maria Koimisoglou.

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 1/11/2014.


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