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April 20, 2014 / Mika Riedel

Go! Hibiki Kids!

Everybody, good morning, good afternoon and good evening! I am Natsukichi, a Nijiiro Crayons’ staff member.

Ooh… It’s cold. Cutting cold wind attacking me… Ouch Ouch! “This shivering… I don’t want to go outside… Shall we play inside….?” Only lazy adults think this. Coldness means nothing to children. They are very active.

Their first word was…

“Le~t’s play badminton” Aya-chan said with idiom. Oh, Aya-chan, you’re a real native speaker of Tohoku. I wonder someday I’ll be able to speak with Tohoku accent (*She is from Nagoya in Tokai area)

When I was thinking that, a birdie sang through the air “Zing!”

“You’ve done it! Only you think I don’t!”

Got started badminton. Keeping rally, our bodies got warmer and warmer. However cold the day is, if we move, everything becomes O.K.

Oh, we’ve found an icy puddle on the back of the assembly building! We all try not to break the ice placing a big wooden stick together on it. We tried to cross over to the other side on the wooden stick, trying not to fall.

I wanted to take photos, but I was busy trying not to fall myself, and watching  and shouting at the kids not falling. The children took another step and another on the woody stick. Some pickles teased “Falling-Down Falling-Down♪”

Imagine the children carefully walking on a big wooden stick on the solid frozen ice! The children who watched over their friends were incredibly adorable.

We all get it done and got in the assembly building. Come on! Let’s enjoy a card game today! Which challenger was winner today?


Here, a boy is making something with clay.

“No, this color is a little different from my feeling…”

“This should be done like this…”

Murmuring aloud, Soushi-kun seems to make something. What will come to the world??


Here, some kids seem to play a sort of chess with Lego blocks. Children can always convert anything into games. Excellent!


Finally, Nijiiro Croyon’s kids played “tag-ball in the darkness” and went home harmoniously together.

Hibiki’s children are good friends every time. Today’s members are Onchyan-Sisho and I, Natsukichi. We’ll be goooing out next week!

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 1/21/2014.

Translated by Takako Kawamukai and Natsu Hirukawa.


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