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May 24, 2014 / Mika Riedel

Here Come the High School Students!

Hello! I’m Yuki from Nijiiro Crayons.

Today, we held our activities at provisional housing in the residential district of Koyo-cho. We’ve had lots of guests join us lately and today was no different.

Free from club activities due to the exam period, three high school baseball players took the opportunity to join us in supporting the children! Travelling all the way from Yamagata prefecture by bus, they said they’d been interested in volunteering for ages. It was wonderful to see so much enthusiasm from such young people.


As well as the students, lots of children also came to join us and our assembly point was soon buzzing with activity. We had originally planned to play in the schoolyard, however, the temperature in Ishinomaki was below 0 (the highest temperature WAS 0!) and even the children themselves were reluctant to venture outside.

The day was not lost, however. Recent improvementsto our indoor play facilities ensured that there was still plenty for them to do. Splitting into several groups, the children were quite content with playing games such as UNO, Karuta (Japanese cards), clay and ping-pong.


At first, we were unsure whether the children would get along with the the high school students, but no sooner had the activities started than they were playing together as if the best of friends.

Though it was their first time volunteering, the students also enjoyed themselves, later commenting at the end-of-day meeting that they hoped there would be more opportunities to speak with the children in the future.


As well as the high school students, we were delighted to see some familiar faces who hadn’t joined us for a while; some even brought their friends along too. The newcomers seemed to have a great time and left us with the promise that they’d be back (The children we knew, on the other hand, were as tricky as ever!). With both children and adults alike coming to join us, I really feel that our circle of supporters and participants is slowly but surely expanding.


Today’s volunteers were Onchan-Shisho, Bu-chan, Mura-san, Hoka-chan, Natsukichi, Hancho, Aokkii, Kaikai and Yuki.


Thank you all very much!

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 2014/2/5.

Translated by Chiharu Prokop and Ayako Hamada.


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