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August 7, 2014 / Mika Riedel

2014 First Hibiki

Good morning, everyone! Or perhaps, good afternoon or good evening! I’m Natsuki, a staff member of Nijiiro Crayons♪ Happy New Year!!!! And here comes the first activity at Hibiki in 2014!

As we wish each other a ’Happy New Year!’ and talk about what we will do today…

‘Let’s play cards! ’

Onchan-Shisho seems to be caught by S-chan!


He is writing a point chart on paper. Oh! Looks like S-chan leading over him.

Now, he is playing ‘Fuku-warai’ here.

‘Fuku-warai’ is a Japanese traditional paly that a blindfolded player places parts of a face on a paper with the outline of a face. It’s fun to see how the player can place them correctly.


He puts the blindfold away, making sure the place of face’s pieces. Yeah, this is a very New Year like activity.

Behind him, there are two girls who come regularly. They are enjoying playing with game machines that they got as a Christmas present. We can hear their chitter-chatter. Looking at the children who spend a good time in their own way, we feel like our activity by Nijiiro Crayons would be an open and free space for them.

Onchan-shisho and Natsuki-chan hope to create a cozy retreat for everyone this year too.

Today’s staff members were Onchan-Shisho and Natsukichi. May this year be a wonderful one for you.

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 1/14/2014.

Translated by Mayu Kawaguchi and Natsu Hirukawa.


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