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November 17, 2014 / Mika Riedel

Akebono Activity Report

Hello! I’m Engine from Nijiiro! Today, we went to Akebono Assembly Building. Under the bright sunshine, about 15 kids came to the hall immediately as soon as the activity had started. I also saw some kids there before the start, which boosted my motivation thinking they were really looking forward to Nijiiro’s activity.

We played outside because so many people gathered plus the weather was brilliant! I was very excited as there are few opportunities for adults to play happily outside! Kids did jump roping. It was nice to see that they were improving records of double hop, jumping twice, three times and so on.


On the other hand, boys seemed to play tag. A tagger was running with a loop on its head. They told me that it had to chase others with a loop on its head and had to count 5 seconds when he dropped the loop. So they seemed to have lots of fun! I was impressed by their full of ideas to create with one thing.


Inside of the hall, some kids played ping-pong. Also they made a bath tab with a box, and hot waters with torn newspapers. They got very excited with those plays that they usually can’t do at home.


Next to the ping-pong table, Monro san had a great time chatting with Nchan’s mom about N chan.


Anyway we also had a great activity as usual! I appreciate your continued cooperation.

Today’s members were Onchan-Shisho, Bu-chan, Nattsu san, Ai chan, Hokasan, Engine, Taku, Tsuka, Kiyo, Monro san.

Thank you very much!

Written by Nijiiro Crayons on 3/22/2014.

Translated by Chiharu Prokop and Natsu Hirukawa.


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