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About our activities

Main theme

The children are traumatized from the disaster and under stress from the peculiar circumstances of living in provisional housing. We provide these children with psychological support through various kinds of activities. More than just temporary entertainment, we continue to have our activities regularly. We consider building trusting relationships important and we are putting that into practice.

Activity Examples

  • Reading children’s books, drawing, painting, Origami (Paper folding), playing with Legos, beading, and other cultural and educational play.
  • Playing dodgeball, soccer, Kendo, tag, freeze tag, jumping long rope together, and other active forms of play.
  • Picture-story shows, dance, a mobile zoo, music concerts, and other events held by visitors and outside volunteer organizations.

Activity Facilites

  • Monday: The After School Children’s Club, the provisional housing on Sue Industrial Park road, and the provisional housing on Asahi Kasei Power Devices company properties.
  • Tuesday: The provisional housing in Hibiki Industrial Park.
  • Wednesday: The provisional housing in the residential district of Koyocho.
  • Thursday: The provisional housing in Northern Hebita Park #2 and Shinzakai Yachi South Park.
  • Friday: The provisional housing in Minamizakai Industrial Park #4.
  • Saturday: The Akebono assembly building.
  • Sunday: The provisional housing at Takasago Ichome Park, Nagaoka Ueru Industrial Company.

Activity Records (3/22/2011-9/30/2011)

  • Number of children participating: 5600 in total
  • Number of volunteers: 1730 in total
  • Number of activities held: 470 times

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