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About the NPO

The NPO “Nijiiro Crayons” is established to provide Ishinomaki’s displaced children with psychological care. For now, children in Ishinomaki have enough supplies to survive. However, they are still suffering both emotionally and spiritually. We would therefore like to focus on improving their life by drawing, reading, and doing excise with them.

In our website there are many posts which you can read and see what is actually going on in the evacuation centers in Ishinomaki and near the area. Shigeki Shibata is the one who established the organization. He is blogging everyday and telling us how children are doing there.

Because of our activities, the children are showing some improvement in terms of their mental health. However, we still have many aftershocks. Ishinomaki is one of the worst-hit area in Tohoku. So many mentally and physically stressful events are still taking place in Tohoku.  This situation is far from over and it is not clear when it will ever be, so that the children still need to be supported for a long term.

Our goal is to provide children with the resources and attention they need to get better. In order to provide it, we need to see and understand the children’s condition carefully. We keep on seeing them, and decide what is the best thing to do for children.


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