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The NPO “Nijiiro Crayons” was established to provide Ishinomaki’s children with psychological support. For now, children in Ishinomaki have enough supplies to survive. However, they are still suffering both emotionally and spiritually. We would therefore like to focus on improving their life by drawing, reading, and doing excise with them.

On our website you find many posts that show what we do in Ishinomaki and the nearby area. Shigeki Shibata established our organization, and he is blogging everyday to tell us how the children are doing there. Because of our activities, the condition of the children is beginning to improve. However, we still have many aftershocks, and Ishinomaki is one of the worst-hit area in Tohoku. Thus, the situation is far from over, and it is not clear when it will ever be.  We therefore want to support the children for as long as possible.

Here is a statement from Shigeki Shibata who established the NPO.


“There are many children in the Ishinomaki evacuation center, which, as most shelters across the nation, still has no sufficient supply of food and water. Life under these circumstances, and the disasters of earthquake and tsunami, have had a severe effect on children’s minds and bodies. This situation is far from over and it is not clear when it will ever be. So my goal is to provide children with the resources and attention they need to get better.”

This is a statement from Chihiro Tachibana who is the administrator of the Japanese website of  “Nijiiro Crayons”.

“In this website, I will report the activities of the NPO “Nijiiro Crayons” founded by Shigeki Shibata in Ishinomaki.

Ishinomaki is in the Miyagi prefecture in Japan. This is one of the areas severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami which happened on 3/11/2011. So many people died, and there are still many missing. Many of survivors who lost their houses are suffering in the evacuation centers.

I am the administrator of this webpage, and I live in Tokyo. I heard  about the situation, and how terrible it is, from my friend Shigeki. Life in a evacuation center is still under sever circumstances.

Shigeki has also lost his house. Somehow, he survived the disaster, but he said it was very close. While he is working and helping as a volunteer in the evacuation center, he established the organization “Nijiiro Crayons”. He wanted to do something for the children who lost their families and their smiles by this horrifying experience.

He is going to start by reading stories to the children, drawing pictures with them, and engage them in other activities in the evacuation center.

I am in Tokyo though, far away from Miyagi, so I decided to support the “Nijiiro Crayons” by setting up this website. I would like to report how the children are doing in Ishinomaki to many people across the nation.

Written by the website administrator, Chihiro Tachibana. Posted on 3/20/2011.”

Translated by Mika Riedel.


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  1. cheriru / Aug 17 2016 7:29 am

    I am an art therapist from USA, living and working in Ibaraki for the past 25 years. After 3.11 I started a little volunteer group that makes mosaics out of broken dishes. I would love to come give a workshop for the children of Ishinomaki someday.
    If you’re interested in such a project, please see my website and contact me to set up a planning meeting.
    Thank you for providing children the opportunity to play with various materials!
    cheryl okubo
    Peace by Piece

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