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Calling for help

Looking for “Nijiiro” supporters 

We are looking for Nijiiro Crayons club members, who will support our activities. Your help will enable us to continue our fulfilling activities for the children.

Please fill the information below: (from 1 to 6), send them to us via email or fax along with your donations to the account below.

  1. Name
  2. Address and the post code
  3. Telephone number
  4. Fax number (if you have)
  5. E-mail address (If you have)
  6. Number of units (please see below)

Annual fee

  1. Individual “Nijiiro Supporters” memberships: 1,000JPY/a share
  2. Corporate “Nijiiro Supporters” memberships: 10,000JPY/a share
  • The membership will be valid until March 31st of each year, regardless of the month you start.
  • Nijiiro Supporters do not have a right to vote in the general meeting.
  • We will only use your personal information for organizing membership and announcements for our events of our organization.

We will be grateful for your contributions. All donations will be spent for the organization and our activities.

– Contact –

For Japanese speakers:

Nijiiro Crayons Office

TEL&FAX: 0081-225-25-5144


For English speakers:


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