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Chairman’s Greeting

The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th took much away from the peaceful residents of this region.  I personally lost my house to the tsunami and barely escaped to the evacuation zone with my life.

As my understanding of the severity of the disaster grew it was accompanied by the feeling that I should be using my life to help others.  On March 22nd, I formed “Ishinomaki Children’s Refuge Center” in an effort to provide for the needs of the children, needs that are so often overlooked during times like this.

On September 23rd we changed our name to “Nijiiro Crayons”, and with the help of numerous volunteers are continuing to hold recreational activities at many of the provisional housing complexes in Ishinomaki.  We are working to bring back smiles to the faces of the children in the disaster area but we need everyone’s generous support for our organization to continue.  I humbly ask for your compassion and your assistance.

Working for a quick recovery, we look forward to the day when a rainbow of happiness extends over Ishinomaki and all of Japan.

Chairman:  Shigeki Shibata


Artist. Operation of ‘Gokokkan’ Art Classroom.

2002, Completion of Master of Fine Arts degree from Nihon University College of Art

2005, Highest Honors, Ishinomaki City Art Exhibition.  Contributor, 20 submissions from Japan and the Czech Republic.

2006, Fukushima Prefectural Governor’s Award, Kahoku Art Exhibition

2009, Nichiyo Award, Nichiyo Exhibition

2010, Nichiyo Award, Nichiyo Exhibition

2011, Awarded Miyagi Prefecture’s Promotion of Fine Arts New Talent Award

Written by Nijiiro Crayons.


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